Bobby Sykes
Porkchop n flatscreen bobby sykes by emezie-d5nve02
Bobby Sykes
Gender Male
Nationality Irish-American
Occupation Student
Species Angel
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Height 5'10
Weight 206 lbs
Age 18
Birthday January 1
Birth Place Texas, United States
Family Skyla Blue Jeans (mother, deceased)
Royal Jeans (father, deceased)
Rick Sykes (older brother)
Kit Hart (adoptive sister)
Other attributes
1st Appearance Episode 1: Ninjas in the Classroom! Don't Blow Our Cover!

Robert Joseph "Bobby" Sykes is one of the main characters in Porkchop 'n Flatscreen, and is the love interest of Ayane, although the feelings are not mutual.

Bobby is an Irish-American born in Texas and currently attends the Maximus Institute of Texas.

After the death of his parents, Bobby Sykes and his older brother, Rick, were raised by Maria Hart alongside her daughter, Kit Hart.

At an point of his life, Bobby had become a literal angel, capable of spawning wings for flight and combat, he mostly keeps his abilities a secret and only uses them when absolutely needed.[watch ROCK OPERA to see how he developed wings].

Trivia Edit

  • Lives on the Hart ranch at 2120 Butterfly Road in Texas.
  • His "Angel of Love" jacket was passed down from his mother, Skyla Blue, who died giving birth to him.
  • Even though he doesn't return Ayane's feelings for him, he still cares a lot about her.
  • Bobby hates the bullying that is going on around school but is completely unaware that Mina is one of the people leading the bullying.
  • He likes playing guitar on the school roof.
  • He is being blackmailed by Mai into being Ayane's boyfriend.
  • Likes family, his leather jacket and guitar.
  • Dislikes arguing and chocolate because he is allergic.
  • His favorite Scooby Doo character is Daphne.
  • Sometimes fights with his brother.
  • He stabbed Nutt in order to save his adoptive sister Kit Hart in the Emezie comics.