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In episode 11, Mina Kim inadvertently saved Ninja Girl Mai from the grips of the afterlife. But, just as Mina and Mai are about to return to the world of the living, the Stick Bandit prevents Mai from leaving. Mai is technically dead, after all (hence the halo). The Stick Bandit's job as the grim reaper is to preserve the balance between the living world and the afterlife. He sends Mina back through the door of life, while sending Mai toward to door of death…

Before she meets her end, Mai uses her final words to call out to… Ayane.

Mina wakes up in the living world and finds Mai's body next to her. Apparently, while both were on the verge of death, their unconscious bodies had collided in the rushing river (perhaps that physical contact in the real world is what allowed Mina to touch Mai in the spiritual world).

But, unlike Mina, Mai's body doesn't move. Mai has no pulse. Her soul did not return from the spiritual plane. Mai is dead.

Mina isn't a long term planner. She is a thrill-seeker. She only lives for the moment, rarely thinking beyond the next thrill. Because of this, the idea of forever losing something valuable never really crosses her mind… until it's too late…

This is a common theme in the life of the reckless. Failing to show appreciation… gratitude… love for the people you didn't even know you cared about…

Now that she's gone, Mina realizes how much Mai meant to her. But, did Mina truly mean anything to Mai? Mai's last words were to Ayane… not her. If only she had shown more appreciation when Mai was still here… instead of always fighting and arguing over petty things. Regret and jealousy soon become intertwined...

Meanwhile, Queen Morrigan and her Kuragari ninja search the area for Mai and Ayane. Any remnants from the past must be eradicated if the Kuragari hope to thrive!

The least Mina can do now is protect Mai's honor from those that wish to desecrate her memory!

Elsewhere, Ayane Shiun (The Chubby Mermaid) rescues Mouse from a "life threatening" situation and gains a friend for life...

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  • "Toys."
  • "Tanja's Song"
  • "Moron (Flying High Remix)"
  • "Boss Music"
  • "Astronaut"
  • "Ladybug"
  • "Moron" (credits theme)

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Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 12)

Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 12)

Skim Milk Sisters: Mai's Final Words

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