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Consumed by the dark death, Ninja Girl Mai lashed out and accidentally struck down her only brother Jubei. The one she thought was dead. The one she had sworn to avenge. The realization of this tragic fact overwhelms her with emotion, and she faints. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure approaches in the darkness of the sewer tunnel. It’s up to Ayane Shiun (Chubby Mermaid) to protect herself and her fallen friend from whoever challenges them!

Meanwhile, Mouse uses her Imperfect Healing Hand to try to repair the inadvertent injury she gave Bobby Sykes. But, as the name implies, her Imperfect Healing Hand technique is not without flaws…the most noticeable of which being that any injury she heals is absorbed and suffered by her own body. (Unlike Halloway Jr.’s Perfect Healing Hand, which allows him to escape the symptoms of the injury he heals). Mouse's poor #Ladyballs :(

Mouse collapses, and it’s up to Bobby to carry her to her only known friends…Nutt, Blade, and Tiny: The Krunky Punks. Will the reunion of bitter rivals Nutt and Bobby go without incident?

And, then Angela Rose goes face to face with Morrigan one more time. The Ladybug reveals her final attack…the “Bra Fist”!

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  • Tanja's Song
  • Moron (Flying High Remix)
  • Boss Music
  • Dork
  • Moron (credits theme)

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Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 15)

Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 15)


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