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Mai wakes up after several days of unconsciousness. Her memories of recent incidents are hazy at best… but, one image persists in her mind above all others. The image of her older brother Jubei. Ever since his death years ago, she thinks about him a lot… but this time, for some reason, the memory of him feels different. His visage feels clearer… more recent… more powerful than usual…

Just what happened before she lost consciousness?

As she ponders her thoughts of Jubei, Mai’s attention naturally turns to another “Jubei”… her pet kamaitachi (scythe weasel) whom she named “Jubei the 2nd” after her brother. Little Jubei appears to be missing. Mai wants to go out and look for him… but Ayane is out doing the laundry. Mai has no clothes to wear.

Well… ALMOST no clothes to wear. Mai doesn’t like wearing dresses or skirts very much. But, desperate times call for desperate measures… she finds the one article of clothing that is not in the laundry (a matching pink dress that Ayane bought for her a week earlier) and heads out to look for her pet weasel…

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  • Moron (Flying High Remix) [0:00] [2:33]
  • B.U.S.T [0:29]
  • Dork [1:22]
  • 5. [2:07] [2:49]
  • The Weasel Song [3:40]

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Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 17)

Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 17)

Mai Wears A Dress