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Explore the powerful relationship between Ayane Shiun and Ninja Girl Mai! Even best friends fight... but can Porkchop and Flatscreen make up before it's too late? Also starring Bobby Sykes, Mina Kim, The Krunky Punks, and Mouse! Keep an eye out for Manami Toyota's Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex as well as a Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask reference!

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  • Part 1: Typical School Day [02:14]
  • Part 2: Good Intentions [05:07]
  • Part 3: Happily Ever After [06:27]
  • Part 4: Girls Love Phones [07:45]
  • Part 5: In The Name of the Moon [09:01]
  • Part 6: Raincheck [14:38]
  • Part 7: The Princess and the Knight [16:12]

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This episode takes place after the events of episode 4.

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Blackmail! The Princess and the Knight!

Blackmail! The Princess and the Knight!

Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 2)

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