We find Mai in a white room with the words Vida (life) and muerde (Death).

she wants to go in Vida but she cant seem to get close.

Then suddenly the Vida doors start to close.

So she runs very fast but just gets a little closer to the door.

Then we see as flashback of Mai and Morrigan.

Morrigan throws Mai of a waterfall to see if she lives.

Mai makes it to the door but suddenly thinks ''where is ayane''.

she then goes through the walls and finds Ayane shiun on the ground.

Ayane is also in the same room but because she's japanese the letters are kanji and then the japanese life door starts to close.

Suddenly Mouse in her sun form comes to open the door but she can only hold it for 10 seconds.

Then Mai grabs Ayane and throws her through the door.

then the door closes and disappears.

then The grim reaper (Brother bandit) comes and takes Mai.

Then the new credits with Emezie's new song moron starts.

at the end we see Brother bandit and he says ''its showtime''