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Somewhere between every human being's last breath and eternity, the recently departed souls from the land of the living face a difficult decision… a literal life and death situation.

Will you reclaim your previous life, and earn a second chance?

Or will you succumb to the despair and uncertainty of the ever after… from which no one ever returns. Death.

The answer seems pretty obvious. Why face the uncertainty of finality when you can simply go back to living the life you just left?

Unfortunately, it's not so simple, as Ninja Girl Mai and Ayane Shiun (Chubby Mermaid) soon learn. Severely injured after a battle with Morrigan and the Kuragari clan, the two young women are plunged into the depths of an underground water current… the threats of drowning and blood loss envelop them.

Both Mai and Ayane arrive at the crossroads with the overwhelming promise of death before them, the comfortable familiarity of life behind them.

Mai refuses to die before making the Kuragari clan pay for destroying her life. She tries to step toward the light of life...

But, every inch feels like a mile… and time is running out...

You didn't think cheating death would be easy, did you?

We shall see if Mai and Ayane can escape this purgatory, and return to the land of the living. Or perhaps accepting death is the only final option...

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  • Toys [0:02]
  • Tanja's Song [1:16]
  • Moron (Flying High remix) [2:20] [6:57]
  • Moron [7:31]

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Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 9)

Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 9)

I'm Gonna Die For You

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