Ninja Girl Mai
Porkchop n flatscreen ninja girl mai by emezie-d5nvdkc
Ninja Girl Mai
Gender Female
Nationality Mexican
Occupation Student/Kunoichi
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'6"
Weight 149 lbs
Age Unknown (around 19 or so)
Birthday Unknown
Birth Place Somewhere in Mexico
Family Jesus (Maternal uncle, probably deceased)
Maria (Mother, deceased)
Jubei (Older brother)
Other attributes
1st Appearance Episode 1: Ninjas in the Classroom! Don't Blow Our Cover!

Ninja Girl Mai (Pantalla plana) es una de las principales protagonistas de Porkchop 'n Flatscreen, y es el primer personaje que se presenta.

Personality Edit

Mai is straight forward and brash. She is also protective of her friend, Ayane as seen in episode 2.

Appearance Edit

Me parece mucho a un niño, y al espectador se le hace creer que es uno hasta la final del episodio 1, lo que revela que es una mujer. Ella tiene el pelo corto, negro y piel bronceada.

Mientras estaba en la escuela, el uniforme escolar masculino, con su corbata y su cuello.

When she's not in school Mai is often wearing a white-beater shirt with a red hachimaki (headband) around her neck, with blue jeans that has a bee design on the right back pocket. She also has bandages on her arms and wrists.

In episode 11 her hair reaches below her waist.

Combat Style Edit

Mai uses a variety of weapons including things like bombs, rope, and ninja techniques. She can also summon a ninja weasel with a scythe.

Trivia Edit

  • Mai dislikes hugs, skirts, long hair, the Kuragari clan, and thunderstorms.
  • Her ninja weasel is named after her dead brother Jubei.
  • In episode 9, it was revealed that Morrigan is the one who threw Mai in the waterfall, causing her to drown.
  • Her favorite character from Scooby Doo is Fred because he has a 'cool scarf'.
  • Mai can speak Spanish.
  • It is speculated in recent episodes that she may have had an attraction or a crush on Mina
  • She's fearless (except for when it comes to thunderstorms).
  • Mai's greatest weakness is her temper.
  • Mai cares for Ayane very much and will do anything to make sure she is happy, even if it means she has to do bad things.
  • Mai has a picture of Bobby in his angel form and is using it to blackmail him into being Ayane's boyfriend.
  • It is speculated that she may be asexual or demisexual due to a recent Q and A done by Emezie where fans ask Mai what her ideal romantic mate is to which she replied no man or woman can tame her.
  • She's part of the "Skim Milk Sisters".
  • In the Harmony music video, Mai is sad and disappointed to see Bobby dancing with Ayane. This could mean that she secretly has a crush on Ayane, or is just really good friends with her.
  • Her and Mina kiss in episode 18