Queen Morrigan
Queen morrigan porkchop n flatscreen fanart by lauriecay-d7yed4w
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
Occupation Principal of the Maximus Institute
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black (Red when she loses control)
Family Agu "The Tiger" Maximus (adoptive father)

Halloway Jr. (adoptive son)

Other attributes
1st Appearance Episode 5: Leash

Queen Morrigan is the principal of the Maximus Institute of Texas and one of the main antagonists of Porkchop 'n Flatscreen!

Biography Edit

In her childhood, she was is the adoptive daughter of Agu ``The Tiger`` Maximus, a bad guy that found her and cared for her as his own daughter. A time later, they entered on the Kuragari clan. Her father was a good friend of Halloway Sr, his mentor.

She was a member of the Kuragari clan stationed somewhere in Japan alongside Halloway Jr., whom she raised after the death of his parents. In episode 10 she rescued him when he was trapped in a pile of rocks.

She had targeted the Murasaki family in hopes of stealing their fabled heirloom: the Shiun map. She had attempted to threaten its holder, Shou Murasaki, with his unconscious daughter, Ayane. Morrigan, however, underestimated her opponent and was quickly subdued. As Shou tended to his daughter, Morrigan's unconscious body had a violent electrical discharge, resulting in an explosion that had destroyed the Murasaki Dojo, resulting in the death of Shou. Unfortunately, Morrigan had somehow survived and escaped.

Around this time, Morrigan and the Kuragari were responsible for the eradication of Mai's rival clan. Having brutally beaten and mocked a young Mai, Morrigan had attempted to impale her with several nails, but was stopped by Jubei, Mai's older brother, who had taken the attack instead, killing him. Attempting to once more kill Mai, she was stopped by Halloway Jr., who claimed "They had done enough," leading her to spare her opponents life. She held a battered Mai over a waterfall and encouraged her to "survive" before dropping her off the waterfall.

After the death of the Kuragari's rival clan, the Kuragari had expanded beyond Japan and into multiple branches, including education. Morrigan had become the Principal of the Maximus Institute of Texas, using violent methods of punishments to any delinquent students, declaring that "A school without discipline is a school without class."

Trivia Edit

  • She can manipulate electricity.
  • Her design is based off a spider.
  • She is responsible for the deaths of Mai's older brother, Jubei, and Ayane's father, Shou.
  • There is a common misconception that she is Mai's mother due to their similar appearances. Emezie however, has repeatedly confirmed that she is not related in any way to Mai, and does not share the same ethnicity, being Indian while Mai is Mexican.
  • Her white dress seen in the flashbacks during episode 8 is a reference to her original appearance used in Emezie's older comics such as the Kuragari Saga and B.B.G.7.