The Stick Bandit is a recurring character in Porkchop 'n Flatscreen. He is also the grim reaper of the spiritual realm.

Appearance Edit

The Stick Bandit is a very short man with a bald head and brown eyes. When he is in the living world he is usually shirtless and wears a sleeveless jacket, blue jeans and blue sandals. In the spirit realm he is still shirtless and wears white saffron shorts that is tied together with rope and two blue balls hanging from it and is barefoot. Because he is like the grim reaper he dresses up as him and wears a black cloak with a big skull mask and carries around a giant stick instead of a scythe.

Trivia Edit

  • He personally knows every female character on the show.
  • It's shown in the music video "Who's Thinking About You Now" that he has a relationship with Tanja.